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76) DLT-V72 FL
Exhibitor Advantech

The demand for rugged, intelligent VMT solutions is rising significantly as pharmaceutical companies, port operators, DCs, and retailers struggle to keep up with increasing demand sparked by COVID-19. With warehouses and yards now busier than ever, ensuring a stable and high-efficiency operation has ...

77) SmartCount Edge PLUS Production Counting Solution

The SmartCount Edge PLUS has been updated with more features. New for 2021 are Calculated Fields, 8 Additional Downtime reason codes and the ability to add in Planned Downtime. Calculated fields allows the user to create their own production metric formulas and display them to the screen providing ...

78) New Age Industrial Order Picker 4 Shelf Pick-to-Light Cart for Warehouse

This 4-tier pick-to-light cart is designed with an order picker pocket for warehouse picking with all wiring housed inside the framework of the cart to provide maximum protection from damage and external exposure. This self-contained cart is fully equipped with stations for the printer, scan gun holder, ...

79) Panasonic Logiscend System

Just-in-sequence manufacturing is putting new demands on managing material flow. Logiscend provides a powerful end-to-end IoT system that gets the right parts to the right place at the right time. Only Logiscend provides a full turnkey, highly visible, and truly paperless Smart Material solution that ...

80) 4SIGHT Connect Digital Gate

Warehouse and DC dock operations typically face several activity management challenges every day such as drivers arriving early, late, or without an appointment, docks becoming backed up as a result of poor scheduling, and even a lack of or breakdowns in direct driver communication. And if such operations ...

81) Springless Self-Closing Pallet Flow Safety Gate

By nature, pallet flow lanes are hard on safety gate mechanics, as the pallets continually are pushed through the safety gates into the system; springs and hinges can loosen, fatigue and even fail. And, after a certain volume of pallets moving through the systems, tension settings for the gates must ...

82) C200M
Exhibitor Geek+ Europe

Geek+ is one of the world's leading suppliers of AMR-driven smart robotics solutions for logistics and manufacturing

83) Clean Air System
Exhibitor Big Ass Fans

Whether it’s large distribution centers, small manufacturing plants, or a variety of commercial spaces, wherever people are gathered, you’ll find harmful pathogens that can cause diseases like COVID-19 and influenza. Big Ass Fans® Clean Air System is designed to destroy those pathogens, providing safer, ...

84) mini™ UVC robot
Exhibitor BlueBotics SA

The new mini™ UVC robot, jointly developed by BlueBotics and Engmotion, provides a highly capable and safe way for businesses to reassure their customers by disinfecting large public spaces with UVC light. Unlike manual cleaning methods with sprays and wipes, UVC light disinfects everything it falls ...

85) Troax Smart Splice
Exhibitor Troax, Inc.

Troax is taking protection to new heights when it comes to safeguarding your people, property & processes. In fact, reaching almost any height is now easy and seamless with the re-engineered Troax Smart Splice system. Troax Smart Splice allows you take guarding and partitioning to just about any height ...

86) TractEasy - Indoor and Outdoor Fully Autonomous and Electric Tow Tractor
Exhibitor EasyMile Inc.

Autonomous tow tractor for material handling operating indoor and outdoor, enabling automation of logistics processes with outdoor phases and maximum towing loads of 55k LBS / 25T

87) MiR250

The MiR250 from the Danish company Mobile Industrial Robots is a next generation autonomous mobile robot (AMR). It is an agile, user-friendly, and cost-efficient mobile robot that can be used in industries to automate and optimize the material handling workflows across industries.

88) Horizon Warehouse Execution Software (WES)
Exhibitor New Dawn

Horizon Warehouse Execution Software (WES) is built on three pillars: Ready to Run – the software is pre-configured and rigorously tested using emulators (which emulate all external interfaces to the WES) prior to installation for a rapid deployment and reduce or eliminate costly coding by software ...

89) GreyOrange Fulfillment Operating System
Exhibitor GreyOrange Inc.

The GreyMatter™ Fulfillment Operating System from GreyOrange is the only solution that integrates Ai-driven software + intelligent robots + people to deliver progressively smarter, faster and more flexible fulfillment. The system continuously solves to orchestrate rapid, resilient, end-to-end performance– ...

90) Bolt
Exhibitor IAM Robotics

As autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) have become more powerful with greater capacities and capabilities, they’ve also grown larger in size and weight -- and slower. Warehouse and manufacturing operators tell us current AMRs are either too small and not powerful enough or too big and slow. IAM Robotics ...

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