Summary of Innovation

Just-in-sequence manufacturing is putting new demands on managing material flow. Logiscend provides a powerful end-to-end IoT system that gets the right parts to the right place at the right time. Only Logiscend provides a full turnkey, highly visible, and truly paperless Smart Material solution that improves transparency, accuracy and flexibility while reducing costs. Its newest innovation, Logiscend Software 2.0, includes the Panasonic Logiscend InSights Software, a web-based visualization and analytics option for the Logiscend Pick and Replenishment Applications. Performance can be assessed across shifts, areas, people and plants. Identification of trends becomes possible through easy to read dashboards that track important metrics and key performance indicators.

Innovation Statement

Logiscend Software 2.0 is designed to support new hardware options and additional efficiency-boosting features to its paperless, industrial IoT solution. A new data visualization and analytics option, Panasonic Logiscend InSights Software, allows manufacturers to analyze trend data over time and across areas to maximize efficiency and improve operational processes by analyzing material flow data over time.


The Logiscend 2.0 Software is the first IoT-based system to offer a true paperless workflow for manufacturing. The solution combines the immediate reliability and visual instruction inherent with paper labels along with automated tracking, and capability for two-way human interaction – all inherent in Industrial IoT technologies (and with a 12–18 month ROI!).


Posted Date2/09/21
ContactEmily Galka
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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Submitted by Panasonic Industrial IoT Solutions.

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