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Autonomous tow tractor for material handling operating indoor and outdoor, enabling automation of logistics processes with outdoor phases and maximum towing loads of 55k LBS / 25T

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To date, there is no other product as mature as the TractEasy on the market. Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) have flourished in the industry - especially the automotive sector - for decades now. From magnetic tape followers to map-based navigation, the autonomous technology for AGV has improved drastically over the years. However, AGVs are so far restricted to indoor environments, with very high constraints on floor quality. Furthermore, current AGV solutions on the market often face operation limitations, either by limited environmental conditions (such as temperature profile or humidity) or limited acceptable traffic diversity (such as cyclists, trucks and pedestrians). In opposition, the TractEasy is designed to cope with various environmental and traffic conditions, enlarging potential use cases over the level of current AGV solutions. EasyMile experience in designing autonomous software for outdoor applications has long been proven with an extensive track record for the EZ10, one of the first autonomous shuttle for public transportation in the world. Bringing this autonomous platform into the TractEasy finally enable material handling operations indoor as well as outdoor, a revolution for the market.


EasyMile - a pioneer of autonomous technology for goods and passenger transportation - and TLD - world leader of Ground Support Equipment - partnered for over 2 years to develop a ground-breaking innovation. While EasyMile brought its state-of-the-art autonomous technology platform, TLD contributed with decades of experience in designing and manufacturing special vehicles and machines. TractEasy is the result of the EasyMile technology integration into the JET-16 electric tow tractor platform from TLD. TractEasy is an autonomous tow tractor able to tow up to 25T of goods in outdoor environments, enabling more logistics processes to be automated, especially those going through outdoor environment. TractEasy is able to operate up to 24/7 in mixed traffic conditions on a private site. Its main use cases are to transport parts from one building to another (e.g. supplier delivery building to assembly line) for industrial applications as well as moving luggage from a terminal to a plane for airport applications.


Posted Date2/03/21
ContactJoseph Holmes
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