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At BlueBotics we help companies meet the challenge of vehicle automation.

We provide the ANT® navigation technology and expert support you need to bring your automated guided vehicle (AGV), automated forklift or mobile robot successfully to market. We also offer professional robotic engineering services to help you go from idea to product.

Choose BlueBotics as your expert partner and let’s bring your automated product to life.

20 years of natural feature navigation
2,000+ ANT® driven vehicles in operation
1,000+ end-user installations
10+ million km driven by ANT®


Paths to Success – Comparing Autonomous Navigation Technologies 4/12/2021 9:30 AM 10:00 AM Theater E

Innovation Award Entries

mini™ UVC robot
The new mini™ UVC robot, jointly developed by BlueBotics and Engmotion, provides a highly capable and safe way for businesses to reassure their customers by disinfecting large public spaces with UVC light. Unlike manual cleaning methods with sprays and wipes, UVC light disinfects everything it falls upon and leaves no residue. Combining this proven method of disinfection with an automated mobile robot enables a continuous cleaning cycle without the ...
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