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The demand for rugged, intelligent VMT solutions is rising significantly as pharmaceutical companies, port operators, DCs, and retailers struggle to keep up with increasing demand sparked by COVID-19. With warehouses and yards now busier than ever, ensuring a stable and high-efficiency operation has become even more critical. Advantech's DLT-V72 FL series of rugged vehicle-mounted terminals feature an industrial-grade, high-performance design to support the busiest warehouses and ports worldwide in maintaining best practices and overcoming recent challenges. Advantech is focused on providing not only industrial-grade products, but also smart and economical hardware solutions for our customers. The DLT-V72 FL series of VMTs are sophisticated, well-designed, and offer comprehensive solutions to all industries. The series includes four models – DLT-V7210, DLT-V7212, DLT-V7212 P+, and DLT-V7210 K/KD that feature 10/12” screen sizes, touchscreen options, multi-OS support, various front panel choices, and rugged system design. The DLT-V72 FL series supports a wide range of solutions for warehouse management, port management, heavy-duty operations, and industrial manufacturing applications.

Innovation Statement

Unlike other products on the market, the DLT-V72 FL series now supports Windows, Android, and Linux operating systems on one device. It also features superior wireless connectivity and roaming capabilities to ensure uninterrupted data transmission for both indoor/warehouse and outdoor/yard operations.


The DLT-V72 FL series of VMTs can be deployed on forklifts, cranes, trucks, or work stations to improve accuracy, enhance efficiency, and accelerate productivity in warehouses, distribution centers, port terminals, and factories.


Posted Date2/10/21
ContactDanny Livingston
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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