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Innovation Award Entries

4SIGHT Connect Data
With 4SIGHT Connect Data, end users can: • Integrate dock operations into different systems. • Gain more accurate operational insight and the ability to tailor data to fit individual needs. • Leverage existing technologies for required connectivity to either a Kelley or Serco Digital Master Control Panel (which serves as the dock data collection point for equipment status and operation). • Create custom reports and dashboards, along with KPI’s ...
4SIGHT Connect Digital Dock
Dock equipment that is interconnected into a system transforms traditional dock operation into one that is truly “smart.” And most importantly, this innovative platform is a fully self-enclosed program that does not interact with any existing network or IT infrastructure nor does it require IT team assistance. With 4SIGHT Connect Digital Dock, warehouse and DC personnel can: • Monitor physical processes and make intelligent data-based decisions • Transmit ...
4SIGHT Connect Digital Gate
Warehouse and DC dock operations typically face several activity management challenges every day such as drivers arriving early, late, or without an appointment, docks becoming backed up as a result of poor scheduling, and even a lack of or breakdowns in direct driver communication. And if such operations even use a dock scheduling process, it’s most likely manual in nature and disconnected involving multiple people across several departments. Relying ...
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