Summary of Innovation

Warehouse and DC dock operations typically face several activity management challenges every day such as drivers arriving early, late, or without an appointment, docks becoming backed up as a result of poor scheduling, and even a lack of or breakdowns in direct driver communication. And if such operations even use a dock scheduling process, it’s most likely manual in nature and disconnected involving multiple people across several departments. Relying on 4SIGHT Connect Digital Gate as the ideal gate access solution, facilities can: • Proactively schedule docks for loading/unloading. • Send drivers to the right location, based on availability, and upon arrival. • Monitor drivers’ check-in/check-out status and capture metrics on how long drivers spend at facilities. • Provide authority to turn drivers away if needed. • Simplify communication between drivers and facilities via text messaging and voice calls. • Ensure real-time carrier notifications. • Provide reports and documentation needed to refute any detention charges. Specifically, via 4SIGHT Connect Digital Gate’s software, facilities will be able to schedule appointments; provide self check-in/check-out for drivers with/without an appointment; view an interactive dashboard across all departments to track performance today, last week, and last month; manage arrived shipments with/without an appointment; view shipment status: scheduled, arrived, turned away, departed, and deleted; view arrived alert status: early, on time, or late; configure custom real-time alerts, notifications, and KPI’s a s well as receive alerts and notifications and view performance KPI’s.

Innovation Statement

4SIGHT Connect Digital Gate product innovation provides a consolidated approach to allow facilities to schedule and manage shipments for operational efficiency. Also, providing tools to enable truck drivers to conduct touchless check-in/check-out and fostering real-time communication with facilities, carriers, and truck drivers to keep them abreast of what’s going on with a shipment from start to finish.


4SIGHT Connect Digital Gate product is significant to the attendees because it will help organizations implement an immediate solution to provide touchless check-in/check-out for truck drivers to minimize dwell time fees for facilities.


Posted Date2/09/21
ContactClaudia Colbert
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