Summary of Innovation

Dock equipment that is interconnected into a system transforms traditional dock operation into one that is truly “smart.” And most importantly, this innovative platform is a fully self-enclosed program that does not interact with any existing network or IT infrastructure nor does it require IT team assistance. With 4SIGHT Connect Digital Dock, warehouse and DC personnel can: • Monitor physical processes and make intelligent data-based decisions • Transmit equipment operational information for remote management • Receive condition-based maintenance alerts to minimize downtime during repairs, improve product staging and shipping monitoring • Better manage operational costs as well as eliminate waste and unnecessary work by identifying monitoring lags in turnaround time The heart of this digitally advanced product is either a Kelley or Serco brand Digital Master Control Panel which serves as the dock data collection point for equipment status and operation. Featuring an intuitive touch screen, the stand-alone Digital Master Control Panel not only provides personnel with dock equipment data, but when paired with a 4SIGHT Connect system and connected to the 4SIGHT Connect edge device, each Digital Master Control Panel continuously beams dock equipment status and operations data directly to a 4SIGHT Connect Dashboard which can be conveniently viewed on any connected mobile device or computer with Internet access.

Innovation Statement

4SIGHT Connect Digital Dock product innovation provides a consolidated approach to allow facilities to view dock status and know when a dock is empty or not to proactively start the load/unload process. It also will enable facilities to receive alerts, view configured KPI’s, view equipment cycle counts for maintenance, and remotely authorize a dock to go into override all thru a SaaS based environment outside a facilities IT infrastructure.


4SIGHT Connect Digital Dock product is significant to the attendees because it will help organizations implement an immediate solution to trigger the load/unload process based on dock status, remotely authorize override, and view dock activity via a web dashboard.


Posted Date2/16/21
ContactClaudia Colbert
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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