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The Factrac SmartCount Products are an affordable way to see your production at a glance, real-time. The Edge and Edge PLUS are designed to allow you to display the metrics most important to you including Actual vs. Target, Rate vs. Target, Rejects, Downtime, and more. All of the data can be streamed to the CSV Module or directly to your network/database. Create reports and dashboards, pinpoint the problem areas and make improvements. For operations with multiple lines, display each Edge to the Scoreboard which will provide a centralized view of all of the lines.

The Factrac ProLine Products provide an affordable solution for easily displaying Total Count, Rate, Batch Counts, and Timers. These base products provide real-time line information.

Factrac Products are used in just about every process imaginable; 3PL, Food & Beverage, Industrial Manufacturing, Mail Fulfillment, Pharma/Medical, and much more


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SmartCount Edge PLUS Production Counting Solution
The SmartCount Edge PLUS has been updated with more features. New for 2021 are Calculated Fields, 8 Additional Downtime reason codes and the ability to add in Planned Downtime. Calculated fields allows the user to create their own production metric formulas and display them to the screen providing flexibility for adding new metrics to monitor including OEE, Availability, Performance and Quality. The expanded downtime reason codes increases the ...
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