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BEUMER Group offers sortation solutions ideal for retail, e-commerce and high-volume parcel applications. As a world leader in tilt tray and cross belt sorters, we can help you address every aspect of the sortation and distribution process including receiving, order fulfillment, shipping and returns. In addition, we offer pallet protection and palletizing solutions that are ideal for end-of-line packaging. BEUMER Group also offers a full range of customer support services that keep systems optimally productive. For more information, visit


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Innovation Award Entries

BG INSIGHT Real-time Data Analytics
BG INSIGHT is a flexible platform that enables companies to optimize their overall equipment effectiveness, improving not only the initial return on investment, but visualizing opportunities to achieve better performance and lower maintenance risks. The product uses several data sources and not only returns graphical visualizations of the operating statistics; it more so creates implicit and explicit recommendations for companies to take action. Using ...
BG Line Sorter
The BG Line Sorter sets new benchmarks for mid-size-volume material handling by combining the simplicity of a line sorter with the handling capabilities of a high-speed cross-belt sortation. Its modular design provides the optimal use of space efficiency, while highly durable belts ensures ultra-low maintenance. The new BG Line Sorter takes advantage of the same power distribution and communications design with a mature controls architecture that ...
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