Summary of Innovation

The BG Line Sorter sets new benchmarks for mid-size-volume material handling by combining the simplicity of a line sorter with the handling capabilities of a high-speed cross-belt sortation. Its modular design provides the optimal use of space efficiency, while highly durable belts ensures ultra-low maintenance. The new BG Line Sorter takes advantage of the same power distribution and communications design with a mature controls architecture that have been proven in BEUMER sorters for over 40 years. Users of the BG Line Sorter benefits from minimizing the footprint of their facility, while maximizing their product handling range and overall efficiency, while lowering operations and maintenance costs.

Innovation Statement

The BG Line Sorter replaces sliding shoe discharge mechanisms used in conventional line sorters, with the textured belts and cross-belt discharge technology used in BEUMER Group’s well-known high-speed loop sorters. By use of slat-belt technology, a BG Line Sorter solution makes it possible to extend the handling mix to the widest possible range of items, providing maximum flexibility to the end-user.


This innovation enables the end user to maximize the mix of products that are handled and sorted ranging from the smallest polybags to duct-taped shipments of car tires, in addition to ensuring accurate positioning of items.


Posted Date2/17/21
ContactBrad Radcliffe
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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Submitted by BEUMER Corporation.

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