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DateWednesday, April 14, 2021
Time1:30 PM - 2:00 PM CDT

What You Will Learn

The key in this automation evolution is knowing what is important to you, your customers and the impact it will have today and in the future. The challenges and successes will look very different from business to business, but customer service always equals profitability.

The growing demand for same-day deliveries is putting pressure on operations to not only meet tight timelines, but also to continue to offer a consistent level of customer service (while at the same time improving operational efficiency and reducing costs).

Companies are winning customers and improving profitability by taking a fresh look at their operations. By focusing on process improvements, companies around the world have innovated by taking advantage of low-risk, affordable and proven solutions and mixing it with a little of the newer innovations. While these tools may not seem cutting-edge, they can cut substantial amounts of time, errors and most importantly cost out of operations.

There is growing pressure to find and apply the latest technology. Technology and capabilities are advancing at an astounding rate – finding the right application of 'current' capabilities is confusing and most companies cannot afford to fail while navigating this technology labyrinth. Many companies and industry insiders are looking for ways to create solutions that are 'future' ready by building on proven technologies and layering in current advances immediately while engineering flexibility into the solution to take advantage of future advances.

Key Takeaways

- Market trends of logistics and the ecosystem of commerce – retail and online
- Issue and pressures companies are facing today
- Real examples of problems and solution


Brad Radcliffe BEUMER Corporation

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