Summary of Innovation

BG INSIGHT is a flexible platform that enables companies to optimize their overall equipment effectiveness, improving not only the initial return on investment, but visualizing opportunities to achieve better performance and lower maintenance risks. The product uses several data sources and not only returns graphical visualizations of the operating statistics; it more so creates implicit and explicit recommendations for companies to take action. Using state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology, BG INSIGHT utilizes big data and not only visualizes information, but creates new data and insights while applying newest machine learning and proprietary data models – all in real-time. It differentiates from other solutions through it's flexible setup allowing the integration of multiple systems and equipment components across the distribution center and offering constant feature upgrades through its subscription model.

Innovation Statement

In the space of complex warehouse and distribution center logistics, BG INSIGHT functions as an active assistant that provides insights and recommendations for optimizations that save money and increase productivity and reliability.


When demand on the operations is high, then utilizing automated equipment to the full extent is not only critical, but it also saves money. During those high-demand phases, it is critical to understand operational inefficiencies and make informed decisions.


Posted Date2/17/21
ContactSebastian Titze
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CategoryBest IT Innovation

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Submitted by BEUMER Corporation.

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