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Inther Group is an international system integrator, specialized in automation solutions for warehouses. We deliver and maintain picking, packing, storage and sorting systems built on the modular and highly flexible Inther LC software suite. Inther distinguishes itself through its holistic approach. From analysis, design, construction and delivery to 24/7 service and support worldwide. We are your full service partner for improving intralogistics.

Innovation Award Entries

GRIPP (Gantry Robotic Intelligent Piece Picker)
GRIPP (Gantry Robotic Intelligent Piece Picker) is a fully automatic robot picker which has a large reach, is compact, safe, and processes up to 1,200 pieces per hour. This type of robotic picking technology is unique, not only because of the large number of products that can be picked, but also because of the flexible and smart use of the robot. Regardless of the shape of the product, the gripper can pick up the item. An “angle of attack” has been ...
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