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An award-winning supply chain and sustainable packaging industry leader in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific founded in 2002, Packsize® International offers right-sized packaging, on demand, for the corrugated marketplace. On Demand Packaging solutions from Packsize include an expert mix of hardware, software, accessories / consumables, and professional services. By creating right-sized packages that offer exceptional protection, businesses can enhance their brand reputation, the customer experience, and their bottom line. These optimized box configurations also reduce corrugated inventory requirements, increase handling and transportation efficiencies, and minimize wasted space. Learn why leading brands embrace Smart Packaging for a Healthy Planet®—

Innovation Award Entries

Packsize X7 Automated In-line Packaging and Fulfillment Solution
The Packsize X7® is the premier automated in-line packing and fulfillment system. Designed to handle your business’ digital transformation, the Packsize X7 provides you the ability to efficiently create and pack right-sized boxes at fast yet reliable speeds. This automated packaging workflow results in material reductions as well as financial savings by consolidating pack stations and solving for labor challenges while also significantly reducing ...
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