Summary of Innovation

The Packsize X7® is the premier automated in-line packing and fulfillment system. Designed to handle your business’ digital transformation, the Packsize X7 provides you the ability to efficiently create and pack right-sized boxes at fast yet reliable speeds. This automated packaging workflow results in material reductions as well as financial savings by consolidating pack stations and solving for labor challenges while also significantly reducing DIM inside the box. Now with brand new features including customized document insertion, inline scales for capturing weight, and a smaller footprint, the X7 is intelligent technology that can be easily integrated into your facility’s packaging process. A new easy open tear strip improves the end customer experience, producing a box that can be recycled or used for returns. Today’s consumers are conscious of the waste and environmental impact of shipping, which makes the X7 a great choice for those looking to improve sustainability, automation and cost savings.

Innovation Statement

What sets the newest version of the Packsize X7® apart is the high reliability year-round due to industry-leading manufacturing and development practices. New features like a curved infeed and inline waste conveyor safe on precious facility space, while the addition of document insertion and inline scales add to the multitude of benefits already available. This on top of the existing ability to fully package an order using automation in a right-sized box with zero void fill make the X7 an outstanding addition to high volume fulfillment centers around the world.


Leading e-commerce and high volume facilities already recognize the challenges related to labor and sustainability pressures. The X7® from Packsize can solve for both with ease, integrating seamlessly with existing systems in the facility and replacing manual pack stations for both single and multi-item orders. Backed by the professional service and support of Packsize, improving on sustainability goals while reducing operational costs are achievable through a trusted partnership.


Posted Date2/17/21
ContactTess Baldwin
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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