Robopac / OCME

Robopac / OCME is the leader in the design, production, and service of secondary packaging machines and equipment. We offer a full line of configurable machinery to stretch wrap, pack, palletize, erect, and seal any product in the food and beverage, personal care, pharmaceutical, dairy, distribution and most other industries.

Stretch Wrappers
Semi-automatic and automatic turntables, rotary arms, rotating rings, and horizontal wrappers designed to fit applications in any industry.

With capacities of 20 to 85 PPM, Robopac USA shrink wrappers and wrap around case packers deliver precise product control to provide superior flexibility, reliable performance, ease of changeover, and low total cost of ownership.

World's smallest footprint, concurrent stretch wrapping, safe, modular for integration.

Case Erectors and Sealers - Make square cases that don't jam.

Laser Guided Vehicles - Integrate perfectly well to any palletizing end-of-line.

Robopac / OCME
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