Since 1983, Robopac’s Robot has led the marketplace in terms of flexibility, reliability and safety. Over the last several months, Robopac has introduced its seventh generation of robot portable stretch wrappers, the Robot S7 with consumers seeing it’s clear advantages as game changers. 
Businesses that commonly have mixed load pallets like 3PL’s and food and beverage distribution, value the Robot’s portability in that it allows you to bring the stretch wrapper to the load saving valuable floor space while removing unnecessary bottle necks in the warehouse. Unlike traditional turntable stretch wrappers, the Robot can wrap any width or length pallet load in addition to any weight since the pallet is sitting on the floor.
Best of all, the new lithium battery option can be charged at any time. Why is that important? Unlike traditional lead acid batteries which need to be almost completely used to prolong their life, the lithium batteries can be charged throughout the day when your operators are taking a break or during downtimes. In just 15 minutes, it can quick charge 70% of the battery life effectively increasing the productivity of the machine.
Keeping your operators safe is Robopac’s top priority. The Robot S7 portable stretch wrappers new blue light increases safety by emitting a powerful blue light on the floor a few feet ahead in the direction of travel of the machine. It warns anyone around the machine that the Robot S7 is approaching, thus preventing any contact. An easily accessible emergency button makes the machine easy to stop. The machine rudder with inclined knobs prevents dangerous objects from getting caught. Pedestrian safety has been further improved thanks to the new bumper which is also closed at the top. New LED lighting at the top of the mast indicates machine status letting everyone know that the machine is operational. The film carriage includes a closing door to protect the operator from rotating parts inside. To ensure your operator’s safe, the automatic cycle start is inhibited if the film carriage door is open.
The Robot S7 portable stretch wrapper is also available with R-Connect. R-Connect is the technologically advanced monitoring system that combines innovation and connection, allowing complete control of Robot S7 operation and total customer support. The main advantage is total peace of mind regarding machine operation, which includes the verification of all running costs and optimisation of production performance. In fact, the system minimizes machine downtime and manages maintenance operations in the best possible way, also providing an immediate troubleshooting procedure, including a complete remote update of the machine management software.
About Robopac
ROBOPAC is the world’s largest secondary packaging equipment company. We offer the largest line of configurable machinery to stretch wrap, pack, palletize, erect, and seal any product in the food and beverage, personal care, pharmaceutical, dairy, distribution, and most other industries.
Derek Jones
Marketing Manager, Robopac USA
Phone: 678-908-7909

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