FASCOR is a leading provider of Supply Chain Execution Software Solutions including, our flagship solution, FASCOR WMS (Warehouse Management System) and FASCOR TMS (Transportation Management System).

Each system is designed to help companies do away with paper-based and spreadsheet inventory activity and reach new levels in inventory control, labor management and productivity and throughput. FASCOR team of experience developers and implementation experts support clients through every step of the WMS and TMS journey.

For over 35 years, we’ve made it our mission to provide a robust, agile, and affordable supply chain execution, transportation and inventory management solutions that are engineered to deliver tangible ROI. No matter the size of the company or ERP system used, FASCOR’s best-of-breed solutions have continued to seamlessly handle complex warehousing & distribution challenges, raising the levels of productivity, performance & profitability.

Innovation Award Entries

Advanced Cartonization
Cartonization is the practice of identifying the smallest box to meet the needs of the order before picking the order. Advanced Cartonization (AC) takes this practice and uses the FASCOR Dynamic Fill Algorithm to consider an item’s volume, dimension, and multi-axis orientation across single and multi-item orders. Also factoring in business rules, available carton sizes, packing materials and product characteristics, it can calculate the optimal number ...
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