Summary of Innovation

Cartonization is the practice of identifying the smallest box to meet the needs of the order before picking the order. Advanced Cartonization (AC) takes this practice and uses the FASCOR Dynamic Fill Algorithm to consider an item’s volume, dimension, and multi-axis orientation across single and multi-item orders. Also factoring in business rules, available carton sizes, packing materials and product characteristics, it can calculate the optimal number of boxes per order, what goes into each box and how to pack the box. This logic is applied before the fulfillment process begins, where users pick-to-box and generate vendor and carrier compliant shipping labels before picking begins. FASCOR’s AC also compares LTL rates, delivery dates and considers oversized items and additional handling fees. It then rate shops across preferred carriers to ensure the most cost effective rate is selected.

Innovation Statement

Advanced Cartonization gives customers the opportunity to assign, label and control all processes of fulfillment, including shipping, before the order is slotted to be picked.


Advanced Cartonization eliminates the need for manual pack stations, reduces shipping material costs, increases picks per hour and reduces shipping costs.


Posted Date2/17/21
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CategoryBest IT Innovation

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