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1) Robotic Revolution and Industry 5.0
Starts 1:30 PM CDT Ends 2:00 PM CDT Date Wednesday, April 14
Sponsor DC Velocity

1. Why do we see in the industry more and more robotic systems? One reason is for sure the simple design of those system. So, yes one robot is very complex and sophisticated, however applied in a system with a high number of robots makes the system very reliable. The complex robot gets thoroughly tested ...

2) The Future of Robotic Systems in Distribution and eCommerce
Starts 1:30 PM CDT Ends 2:00 PM CDT Date Thursday, April 15
Sponsor DC Velocity

With the rising concerns of balancing labor and automation in the new normal, industrial robotics are enabling companies to accomplish more with less. From increased safety protocols, to reduced touchpoints and collaboration with the human workforce, robotic systems are increasing efficiency but also ...

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