SponsorDC Velocity
DateThursday, April 15, 2021
Time1:30 PM - 2:00 PM CDT

What You Will Learn

With the rising concerns of balancing labor and automation in the new normal, industrial robotics are enabling companies to accomplish more with less. From increased safety protocols, to reduced touchpoints and collaboration with the human workforce, robotic systems are increasing efficiency but also supporting safer, socially distanced operations.

By performing repetitive tasks such as palletizing and depalletizing, robotic systems utilize custom end of arm tooling combined with software to remove the heavy lifting that can potentially cause harm to employees and damage product. This is also enabling eCommerce distribution to see record high throughput and order accuracy levels.

The increasing benefits along with the decrease in costs make robotic systems more attractive than ever before. In this session, learn more about how robotic automation continues to innovate, offering faster return on investment, improved safety and increased productivity in today’s rapidly changing order fulfillment landscape.

Key Takeaways

Learn more about the variety of robotic systems being used in distribution today
Customer Success Stories with robotic automation
Calculating maximum return on investment for automation technology


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Steven Hogg Bastian Solutions

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