Lakewood, Ohio, August 2021 – Sentry Protection Products has turned it “up to eleven” with the release of the Collision Sentry® Corner Pro 211, the latest model of the company’s award-winning collision warning system. Why?
The industrial environment is a noisy place. To be effective, an audio alarm needs to rise above the background noise to be heard. The volume on the earlier model (200) was set high enough to do that. But there are some circumstances – in very high noise areas – where the volume needs to be even louder. 
With the Collision Sentry Corner Pro 211, we’ve turned the volume “up to eleven.” What exactly does that mean? According to the Oxford English Dictionary, it means “to reach or surpass the maximum level or limit.” So, when ten just isn’t enough, you need to turn it up to eleven.
The 211 model picks up where we left off with the previous model. The high volume on the Collision Sentry Corner Pro 200 is now the low volume on the Collision Sentry Corner Pro 211. The new 211 model high volume setting is double the volume of the low setting. There is still the option to turn the sound off completely if that better fits the situation. 
Sentry was able to boost the volume without compromising a significant amount of energy efficiency or battery life. There are exceptions to that depending on usage and volume setting. [1] The audio alarmed in synchronization with the video alarm makes for a powerful deterrent to blind corner accidents. 
The Collision Sentry Corner Pro is a collision warning system that works to prevent accidents at blind corner intersections by sending both an audio and visual alert to warn of approaching traffic. Each patented unit is easy to install, self-powered, portable, compact, and lightweight and deploys immediately.  Collision Sentry snaps on to pallet racks quickly using integrated magnet mounts. Anyone working in a high traffic facility understands the need for Collision Sentry®. 
The upgraded units are in stock and available for purchase through Sentry distributors. The Collision Sentry Corner Pro 211 is offered at the same price as the previous model. For more information, please visit or
[1] Energy values are based on the unit operating on the low volume setting. Operating on the high-volume setting could alter the length of the battery life.
About Sentry Protection Products
Sentry Protection Products is a leading provider of innovative, impact resistant products for industrial and parking applications. Manufactured in the United States and Europe and sold worldwide, the award winning, patented product line includes Column Sentry®, Rack Sentry®, Concrete Wrap™, Park Sentry®, Corner Sentry™ and Collision Sentry®. Sentry is headquartered in Lakewood, OH. For additional information call 1.888.265.8660, email or visit
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