PULSE has enjoyed many years of continued growth and prosperity. We take this time to reflect on all the incredible work our team has done over these decades to achieve the impossible and deliver compelling capabilities that make an important difference for every client.
PULSE Integration has always been years ahead of its time, pioneering innovation that produces incredible solutions. It is thanks to this record of visionary innovation and incredibly talented employees that PULSE has achieved the stature we have today. When our company was founded in 1971, we could hardly foresee our continued growth over these decades. “For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.” This quote is more accurate today than ever before. We could not have come this far without the loyal support of our clients and the hard work of each member of the PULSE team. We thank every team member for their resilience, commitment to excellence, and unmatched talent.
Thank you to our clients who continue to select PULSE and rely on our customized and proven solutions. It is because of your confidence in our team and our strategy that we can pioneer into the future. The PULSE team is excited about the opportunities ahead to extend our track record of value creation, innovation, and success.
About PULSE Integration 
PULSE is a full system integrator working diligently to provide a customized solution for every client. Combining design expertise, seamless integration with intentional transparency PULSE provides clients with scalable engineered solutions. Cultivating over 50 years of material handling experience to specifically help companies leverage the right mix of technology (digital and physical) in their facilities. The PULSE team ingrains Industry 4.0 Thinking into the design philosophy at every level to deliver truly agnostic solutions that adapt to continuous evolving customer requirements.

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