Two MHI Industry Groups Collaborate to Deliver Latest News and Technology Trends in Material Handling Ergonomics and Safety

MHI recently launched a blog that concentrates on material handling ergonomics and safety. The EASE and ProGMA  Industry Groups of MHI collaborated on the creation of this new informational and news resource for manufacturing and supply chain professionals. 
Ergonomics and safety is more than a buzzword today – it is a movement. This impacts the industrial workplace, and good employers must think first of their businesses in terms of the safety and ergonomics solutions for their workforce.
The MHI Material Handling Safety Blog will feature regular updates from industry experts on the latest trends and technologies in this space. MHI will also distribute a monthly newsletter featuring the latest news on these topics. Interested parties can view the blog and sign up for the newsletter at
About EASE
Ergonomic Assist Systems & Equipment (EASE) is the group within MHI focused solely on making work easier for people by improving the work environment. EASE members promote the practice of good ergonomics in the workplace by providing solutions across a broad spectrum of applications and industries. Activities include presentations at various industry events and development of non-commercial training materials. EASE also engages and collaborates with NIOSH and the academic community to enrich the group and enhance presentations and training materials.
About ProGMA
The Protective Guarding Manufacturers Association (ProGMA) members are the Industry’s leading suppliers of fixed protective guarding products designed to protect personnel, equipment, and inventory in industrial facilities. ProGMA member companies meet regularly to review, discuss, and revise the standards for design and performance of protective guarding products used in the material handling industry. ProGMA member companies are committed to the development, maintenance, and publishing of industry standard specifications for these systems. 
About MHI
MHI is an international trade association that has represented the industry since 1945. MHI members include material handling, logistics and supply chain equipment and systems manufacturers, integrators, consultants, publishers, and third-party logistics providers. Much of the work of the industry is done within its product- and solution-specific groups. The association also sponsors trade events, such as ProMat and MODEX, to showcase the products and services of its member companies and to education industry professionals on the productivity solutions provided through material handling and logistics.

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