Cubiscan is a high-tech company that produces advanced dimensioning (cubing) and weighing systems designed to increase efficiency and profitability in material handling, logistics, supply chain, and freight handling operations.

Accurate dimensional data provides a strong base for building cost-efficient and lean processes. Investing in Cubiscan dimensioning means you can expect returns in the following areas:

- Eliminate shipping chargebacks by declaring accurate parcel and pallet dimensions to carriers.
- Buy less packing material (air pillows, packing peanuts, bubble pack, etc.) because you can accurately select cartons.
- Spend less on fuel and transportation.

- Cut your labor time in dimensioning, weighing, and data entry by about 90%.
- Eliminate data entry errors.

- Utilize space more efficiently. Accurate dimensions make for precise put-away and efficient storage and slotting.
- Improved pick and pack operations.

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