Jtec Industries, Inc.

Jtec Industries is a vertically-integrated OEM in Central Illinois which designs and manufactures specialized industrial cart systems to move materials throughout facilities world-wide. Jtec’s award-winning solutions improve safety and efficiencies and lower operational costs for materials handling operations.

The CarryMore® Mother/Daughter Tugger Cart System consists of Mother Cart trains which carry Daughter Carts loaded with materials. A simple, mechanical Elemate™ solution safely lifts Daughter Carts during towing, eliminating noise and caster wear, all while tracking precisely behind a tugger.

Looking for autonomous operation? Jtec’s CarryMatic No-Touch system easily integrates with existing systems to move materials unmanned. CarryMax® and CarryLite™ offer customizable heavy and light-duty materials handling solutions.

Jtec Industries, Inc.
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