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In 1972 Lantech made an impact on the world by inventing the stretch wrapper, a new way of unitizing products for shipment, and changed the way companies package and protect their products for shipment. In 2001, Lantech acquired the Rembrandt Company, an industry leader in The Netherlands, manufacturing case, tray and lid handling equipment. With stretch wrapping and case handling expertise all over the globe, Lantech is widely recognized as the world leader of end-of-line and loading dock packaging equipment.

Our stretch wrapping equipment ranges from basic semi-automatic stretch wrappers - that can be customized with productivity enhancing features like a built-in scale - to fully automatic machines - that offer features like Automatic Roll Change that enables machines to go long durations without operator interaction and Load Sentry, our new remote monitoring software. Many of our machines are equipped with our patented LeanWrap® technology that has been designed to maximize productivity and performance, while delivering safe-to-ship loads every time with minimal operator involvement or knowledge.

We offer a wide variety of case erectors and case sealers that can be customized to fit your needs. Our unique Total Control System offers 100% precise control of the case through the entire forming and sealing process, ensuring every case is created with perfectly square 90-degree angles on all corners. Cases erected and sealed by a Lantech pack, stack, palletize and protect their contents better. Because of the proactive system where blanks are pulled into their next position (versus being forced) our machines can erect and seal consistently without jamming. Allowing you to maintain throughput and transportation flow and ensure products arrive without damage.

Working with Lantech is different. We don’t sell you machines, we offer solutions. With almost 50 years of knowledge, Lantech has a long history of studying our customers as they work, consulting and defining their challenges, understanding their needs, and creating valuable solutions that are easily implemented but make a big impact. Innovation is key to our mission and our hundreds of patents are evidence of that. With offices on four continents, two manufacturing facilities, and sales and technical support available 24/7 all over the world, you are never far from a Lantech packaging expert.

Let Lantech be part of your sustainability movement. Lantech’s LeanWrap® technology on our stretch wrapping machines makes it possible to accomplish an effectively wrapped load with the least amount of film. Lantech’s case handling Total Control System reduces wasted corrugate because the machines can overcome common problems that lead to corrugate being thrown away, such as irregularities in the blank, weather/humidity conditions, or damaged blanks because of machine jams. These innovations result in less product damage during shipment. Use less, waste less and stay in operation with Lantech.

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