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MuL Technologies™ is proud to introduce MARC™, the Mobile Autonomous Robotic Cart for the rest of us that provides all the functionality warehouses and manufacturing floors need, with none of the expensive “bells and whistles” they don’t.

In other words, we’ve simplified sophisticated technology.

- Wi-Fi-Free Mode™ eliminates the need for infrastructure changes, including adding Wi-Fi
- Intuitive EZ-Go Navigation™ panel sends MARC between pre-programmed stations with the simple push of a single button
- MARC can intuitively be controlled by simply moving to a point and holding a button down for 3 seconds
- Laser-guided navigation is combined with proximity sensors, making MARC safe
- Bright, color-coded LED lights for visibility
- Easy-to-remove or swap long-life battery, so anyone can replace it quickly

MARC is the most cost-effective AMR in the market, giving “the rest of us” an affordable way to get all the benefits of automation.



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Wholesale Trade
Retail Trade
Transportation and Warehousing
Accommodation and Food Services

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MARC: Mobile Autonomous Robotic Cart
MuL Technologies innovatively took the best-of-breed features of AMRs and AGVs to create a new classification in automation: Autonomous Guided Robots (AGRs). An AGR is an independent robotic cart that follows an easily defined path each time it operates while dynamically avoiding obstacles in its path; requires no IT, training or changes to existing infrastructure to accomplish this. The first of its kind, MARC breaks the $10,000 cost barrier as an ...
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