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Ehrhardt Partner Group (EPG) is the leading provider of comprehensive supply chain execution and voice software solutions for smarter connected logistics. EPG’s highly configurable and scalable logistics solution, LFS, delivers Tier I functionality inclusive of: warehouse management, warehouse control and automation, resource management, transportation management, advanced business intelligence analytics and its industry leading iBrowser ensures ongoing support for all major browsers, delivering flexibility and platform independence. Our Lydia Voice solution offers unparalleled voice recognition with its deep neural network technology and eliminates the need for voice template training, while interfacing with a multitude of WMS and ERP solutions. Our Contract Management for Logistics Service Providers Services-to-Pay solution helps modernize invoicing processes so service providers can get paid for the value they provide. To learn more, visit: www.epg.com.


Lydia Voice

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New Wonders of Voice Technology and What They Make Possible 4/16/2021 9:00 AM 9:30 AM Theater A
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