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Innovation Award Entries

Float and Position Loads Precisely with the Demag DCBS Electric Balancer
The Demag DCBS Electric Balancer makes lifting and floating loads feel nearly weightless! As the newest member of the Demag DC Chain Hoist family, the DCBS uses our high strength, proprietary chain that is rugged enough for even the most demanding applications. Its precise, intuitive handling makes moving the load with the handle or with two hands on the load easy. Unlike other electric balancers, the Demag DCBS operates on a wide voltage range, 380V-480V/ ...
Patented Cantilever Workstation Cranes from Demag Cranes & Components
Demag’s patented Freestanding Cantilever Workstation Crane gives you flexibility in your assembly and lifting processes. It is an optimal solution to reduce clutter in the work area while allowing tow motors and other necessary machinery into the area without obstruction. The patented Freestanding Cantilever Workstation Crane gives your assembly and lifting processes flexibility. Floor space under the modular crane system is maximized, allowing ...
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