GenieGrips Pty Ltd.

GenieGrips® manufacture high quality, durable products to that provide safe, secure and stable movement of forklift loads. The GenieGrips® Mats, Caps, Cushions and Loading Mirrors minimise the risk of damage to your product and injury to your people.

GenieGrips® Mats are a protective mat that covers the tops and sides of a forklift tine. They prevent the load from shifting, slipping and falling during transport and prevent sliding in the event of fast movement or a sudden stop.

GenieGrips® Cushions are bumper that magnetize to the forklift tine carriage. They eliminate friction and absorb impact of goods.

GenieGrips® Caps are a protective cover that fix to the tip of the forklift tine. They prevent the tine from causing damage to your products.

GenieGrips® Loading Mirrors are a forward vision mirror to reduce driver blind spots and give a clear view of the tines reducing accidents, injury and damage to goods.

Manufactured in Australia and distributed around the world.

GenieGrips Pty Ltd.
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