Carron Net Company, Inc.

Carron has unmatched experience producing high quality netting for virtually any Pallet Rack Guard or Conveyor Containment application in both existing facilities & new construction. Pallet Rack Guard Nets are economical & offered in a variety of mesh sizes, helping comply with guarding requirements under OSHA 1926.250. Cost-efficient & easy to install, Conveyor Nets help meet safety requirements under 1926.555 while allowing quick & easy access to clear jams & maintain equipment.

Other factory & warehouse uses for Carron nets include mezzanine/aisle guards, barrier nets around secure storage racks & cages, & cargo nets/containment nets for picking & transport carts. Carron regularly partners with OEM manufacturers to create nets used in delivery vehicles & heavy equipment cabs & also produces small mesh nets for bird control & windscreens/tarps for debris containment.

If you want best-quality netting to protect your employees & products, look no further than Carron Net.

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