Summary of Innovation

At Yard Management Solutions, innovation is the driving force that keeps us at the cutting edge of our industry year after year. As the #1 YMS, each new software feature and automation tool is built to deliver more value, reduce operational costs, and increase efficiency in every area of the yard. This year, we have three transformative innovations that push yard management to the next level: YMS Virtual Assistant, Intelligent Dock Scheduling System, and YMS Smart Gate Entry System. Sometimes you don't need data analysis and reports, you just need a simple answer. The YMS Virtual Assistant works harder so you don't have to. Simply ask a question and the YMS Virtual Assistant immediately provides relevant information about your yard. How many loaded trailers are in the yard? How many outbound appointments are in the next hour? What trailers are approaching detention? These answers and more are instantly available, saving your operation time searching through mountains of data. Our new Intelligent Dock Scheduling System takes efficient planning to the next level. Easily schedule appointments with a few clicks, or provide carriers access to generate their own. Need to re-schedule an appointment? Simply drag and drop it to a new time slot and the carrier will be automatically notified of the change. The Intelligent Dock Scheduling System reduces costs in your yard by decreasing dwell times, increasing dock throughput, and eliminating time-wasting phone calls / emails with carriers. As pioneers in gate automation, Yard Management Solutions is proud to provide the next level of efficiency through our YMS Smart Gate Entry System. Eliminate the need for personnel at the gate and allow drivers to check themselves in or out using a kiosk display. Drivers receive a QR code in their appointment confirmation email, then simply hold it up to the kiosk camera to complete the check-in process. If their yard spot is unavailable, YMS asks for a cell phone number, directs drivers to a waiting area, and texts them when their spot is ready. Save time and money by eliminating slow communication, reducing staffing requirements, and simplifying your check-in/out process.

Innovation Statement

Yard Management Solutions' unprecedented visibility and simple-to-use tools deliver actionable information to save your operation time and money. The YMS Virtual Assistant, Intelligent Dock Scheduling System, and YMS Smart Gate Entry System deliver savings by minimizing manual processes and increasing productivity.


Yard Management Solutions' innovations provide end-to-end efficiency improvements and cost savings from planning your loads (Intelligent Dock Scheduling System), to instant answers for pressing questions (YMS Virtual Assistant), to reducing the time it takes to check-in and out of your facility (YMS Smart Gate Entry System).


Posted Date2/18/21
ContactJeffrey Papadelis
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CategoryBest IT Innovation

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