Summary of Innovation

The new way SIERA.AI delivers forklift safety is by integrating technologies like machine vision, IoT sensors and AI to prevent accidents before they happen. The SIERA Forklift Safety System S3 Slow to a Safe Stop and S3 with Proximity Monitoring & Impact Tracking are such safety solutions. The S3 with Slow to a Safe Stop for electric forklifts constantly monitors the area. If a pedestrian or object falls within its path, the forklift will slow down then come to controlled stop. How? The customer decides when you want the S3 to begin warning with audible and visual alerts, 6”, 12” 20 1/3”. When the pedestrian or object gets too close, and the operator is unaware of the pedestrian or object, the S3 will automatically override the driver, slow down and come to a safe stop. The S3 with Proximity Monitoring & Impact Tracking constantly monitors proximity around a gas, electric or LP lift truck. If a pedestrian or object comes within its path, the lift truck will automatically sound an audio alarm and give visual cues to the operator in enough time to prevent the accident. You decide when you want the warning with audible and visual alerts to begin. Then if and when a pedestrian or object comes within the defined distance, your driver and the pedestrians will clearly know. All Siera products connect to a unified dashboard on the web where users can monitor inspection results, near misses, and impact reports along with visual logs of each incident.

Innovation Statement

By utilizing machine learning, IoT sensors, and AI leading-edge technologies, SIERA.AI has been able to digitally transform safety to prevent forklift accidents that cost companies in reputation, damages, injuries, and OSHA fines due to noncompliance.


Management, EHS professionals as well as plant & facility managers are able to keep their environment, product, employees, workers and other pedestrians safe in a highly active environment with the use of their material handling equipment.


Posted Date2/17/21
ContactCherise Kennerley
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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Submitted by SIERA.AI (Stocked Robotics, Inc. dba SIERA.AI).

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