Summary of Innovation

The Hyster® J50-60XNL breaks new ground for counterbalanced forklifts, engineered around a fully integrated, space-saving lithium-ion battery pack, offering a solution with the performance of an internal combustion engine (ICE) and the benefits of lithium-ion power in 5,000 and 6,000-pound load capacities. Rather than a battery box replacement that retrofits a traditional counterbalanced design with lithium-ion power, the J50-60XNL takes advantage of the form factor lithium-ion power to free space in the operator compartment, lower the center of gravity and reduce overall truck weight. It weighs over 700 pounds less than the equivalent lead-acid battery powered model, offering improved maneuverability and acceleration with reduced energy consumption. The lowered seat and floor place make entry and exit easier and adds 3.5 inches of head room – even while accommodating a taller seat with air suspension for a more comfortable ride.

Innovation Statement

Rather than a battery box replacement like other lithium-ion powered counterbalance trucks, the J50-60XNL integrated lithium forklift does not follow a typical box on wheels design. Instead it re-engineers the counterbalance forklift around the form factor of lithium-ion battery power, opening up not only the benefits of electrification, but improving ergonomics and truck performance, too.


Counterbalanced forklift applications now have an electrification option designed from the ground up around lithium-ion power, unrestricted by the limitations of lead-acid batteries and traditional box-on-wheels design.


Posted Date2/17/21
ContactJennifer Meyers
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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Submitted by Hyster Company.

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