Summary of Innovation

Valley Craft's Patent Pending Hydraulic Powered Self-Dumping Hopper was engineered with safety, efficiency and reliability in mind. Unlike any other hopper in the market, this unit provides the operator complete powered control of the hopper at any point during the dumping and retracting process, never requiring you to leave the cab of your forklift. Simply connect the quick disconnect fittings to your forklift's auxiliary ports and begin operation. Easily dump and return the powered unit using the forklift controls, with an efficient 5 second cycle time. Constructed of heavy gauge steel, continuous solid welds, and a durable powder coat finish in green, this unit is complete with the added safety chain to secure to your forklift. Use this unit to assist your facility’s compliance of OSHA Rule 29 CFR 1910.178(m)(5)(iii) by allowing the forklift operator to stay in the cab at all times. Valley Craft’s Hydraulic Powered Self-Dumping Hopper is a must have product for anyone who has employee safety or improved efficiency in mind. •1 & 2 Cubic Yard Hoppers •2K, 4K, & 6K Capacities •Ensures Complete Tilt & Empty •Powered Dump & Return •Easy Auxiliary Port Connection •Quick 5 Second Cycle Time •Convenient Forklift Controls •Optional Casters for Versatility •Fully Assembled •Made in the U.S.A.

Innovation Statement

The first of its kind powered hopper utilizes a hydraulic actuator that provides the operator complete control of the forklift during the entire dumping and retracting process. It enables the forklift operator to stop and continue at any point of the dumping process while remaining safely inside the forklift.


The patent pending Hydraulic Powered Self-Dumping Hopper eliminates the need for hazardous operator “workarounds,” reduces the risk of accidents, injuries, and spills, and increases efficiency so you can rest assured that you have a reliable product that can handle the job every time.


Posted Date2/17/21
ContactAmanda Jovanovic
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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