Summary of Innovation

The Damotech Platform is the first and only dedicated rack inspection and asset management software in the industry. This cloud-based software provides interactive dashboards, visual representations of warehouse layouts (plan views and elevations) and allows warehouse operators to remotely track racking issues and repairs in real-time across several warehouses. Rack inspections can be performed directly on the platform by internal teams or by a third-party inspection company. The intuitive rack issue and damage viewer interface makes it easy to zoom in on exact rack locations, view the status of deficiencies, as well as look at photos taken during a rack inspection. Clients can also gain clear insight on flagged issues and missing components, allowing them to sort these concerns by priority level or component type, and take appropriate actions. With the Damotech Platform, warehouse managers no longer need to sort through paperwork with hand-written notes on their racking issues. They no longer need to physically travel to multiple locations when there are issues. And more importantly, they no longer need to lose sleep over not knowing if their racking is being safely maintained. The Damotech Platform enables clients to effortlessly capture an understanding of their racking remotely, allowing them to make informed decisions when it comes to their rack assets and overall warehouse operations. The Damotech Platform: 1. Puts critical rack inspection data at warehouse managers’ fingertips, eliminating the need to shuffle through paperwork or multiple Excel sheets. 2. Provides a visual representation of the layout of your warehouse, making it easy to zoom in on exact locations (plan view and elevations). 3. Provides actionable data with sorting and filtering by priority level and component type. 4. Gives access to photos taken during inspection, allowing for quick reference to flagged issues. 5. Enables review and analysis of load capacities by individual pallet location. 6. Helps optimize budget planning for resolving rack issues, fast-tracking progress toward a safer warehouse.

Innovation Statement

The Damotech Platform is the first and only rack inspection and asset management software available on the market. It makes achieving warehouse safety easier than ever before by allowing real-time remote access to inspection data organized by priority level, facilitating the process of prioritizing rack repair and maintenance. It is a digital innovation that drastically increases the efficiency of warehouse management and significantly improves overall safety.


The Damotech Platform revolutionizes rack and warehouse safety, as it facilitates access to critical information needed to track the safety and performance of racking systems across multiple locations – remotely.


Posted Date2/17/21
ContactDerek Zakaib
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