Summary of Innovation

Seegrid Palion Lift is the highly anticipated addition to Seegrid's automated mobile robotic fleet. Palion Lift utilizes the proven navigation technology found on Seegrid mobile robot portfolio, delivering unsurpassed reliability and flexibility to expand into new workflows to streamline even more material handling processes. Palion Lift optimizes continuous material flow across operations with precise payload movement to and from areas on-time, every time. Swiftly integrating into workflows, Palion Lift delivers results– automating end-to-end low-lift processes– boosting efficiency and throughput.

Innovation Statement

Seegrid Palion Lift enables safer, more cost-effective automation at scale with versatile and reliable low-lift material movement.


Seegrid Palion Lift is an intelligent AMR designed especially for companies that require an end-to-end automation solution that can haul 3,500 pound payloads from one area to another, placing them at heights of up to six feet, integrating with existing workflows and equipment to quickly and efficiently move materials.


Posted Date2/17/21
ContactLindsay Derda
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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Submitted by Seegrid.

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