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When it comes to transporting boxes, totes, and polybags down the conveyor line, live rollers are a critical lifeline for getting product to customers. So when a belt goes down and needs to be repaired, it is the top priority of the maintenance team to get it done quickly and correctly. Quality punched fingers are critical to a quality endless splice since both belt end fingers need to be evenly dimensioned with no deformation at the edge in order to mesh together for the splice, as well as for alignment in the tension direction on the conveyor. The single, heavy-duty blade on the Novitool® Pun M™ NDX Mobile Finger Punch ensures precise cuts, with little-to-no fraying of cords, while the belt support table automatically realigns to ensure automatic re-indexing without stopping for adjustments … all automatically completed by simply cranking the drive handle. Limiting frayed aramid cord is essential to ensure splice integrity. A dual-purpose blade guard protects operators while it assists with the release of the belt from the blade during cutting operations to get a busy operation back up and running quickly.

Innovation Statement

When an operation needs to get their belts back up and running to keep materials moving, they don’t have time to trim fraying cords or stop punching to re-index and continue. The Novitool® Pun M™ NDX Mobile Finger Punch revolutionizes belt preparation with a single, heavy-duty blade that discourages belt fraying and a belt support table that realigns for automatic re-indexing without stopping to adjust the belt position.


The Novitool® Pun M™ Mobile Finger Punch increases the efficiency and productivity of belt preparation with an easy-to-use single hand crank that punches the belt and re-indexes automatically, a blade guard that protects operators from lacerations and assists with release of the belt from the blade, and a single blade that produces fingers with little-to-no fraying cords.


Posted Date2/17/21
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