Summary of Innovation

Unlike robotic picking solutions that handle a single item to fill one order at a time, the multi-pick robotic end effector from MHS can pick up and hold up to 36 items simultaneously and pack four at a time into four separate shipping boxes. The capability to handle such a large amount of items enables the end effector itself to act as an on-demand buffer according to LEAN best practices – a task typically reserved exclusively for accumulation conveyor or other automated components in order fulfillment scenarios. Working as part of a goods-to-robot fulfillment system, this package offers a throughput rate of 90,000 pieces picked and fulfills 42,000 orders per day.

Innovation Statement

The multi-pick robotic end effector breaks new ground for robotic order fulfillment with an end effector capable of processing large numbers of items to plan for and pick higher quantities (36 items at a time) and then act as an on-demand buffer, holding some items while packing orders of various quantities as available.


The multi-pick robotic end effector offers significant productivity advantages for businesses with large amounts of multi-item orders to fulfill.


Posted Date2/17/21
ContactLauren Pedley
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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Submitted by Material Handling Systems Inc. (MHS).

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