Summary of Innovation

Optimal Picking has all the capabilities of proven Voice Picking systems while also addressing the needs of the entire picking process. It generates ideal pallet designs with unmatched flexibility. And it ensures that those ideal designs are properly communicated to the picker by leveraging the use of images for the picker at each step of the picking process. Optimal Picking can use image recognition technology to validate that each pick was made correctly. Finally, it continually improves operations by using Artificial Intelligence. And best of all, it does all this for less than half the cost of legacy voice picking systems. Optimal Picking leverages the best technology at the right price point to deliver great value. For instance, Augmented Reality is clearly a key technology in the future of the picking process. However, the necessary hardware does not yet meet the needs of an 8-hour shift in terms of battery life, user comfort, and vision fatigue. Optimal Picking delivers many of the benefits of Augmented Reality today in a package that meets real world customer requirements.

Innovation Statement

Optimal Picking is the first solution that merges all the features needed to truly optimize picking operations: pallet/cart design, voice picking, images to help pickers build complex pallets, image recognition for checking, and SKU slotting to continuously improve the layout of the picking area.


Optimal Picking offers unmatched capabilities at half the cost of traditional voice picking systems.


Posted Date2/17/21
ContactEd Aviles
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CategoryBest IT Innovation

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Submitted by Optimal Discovery LLC.

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