Summary of Innovation

The 40 x 48 Odyssey® pallet is a robust reusable plastic packaging solution that supports heavy loads up to 2,800 pounds and provides stability with unique design features, including optional steel reinforcements and permanent molded-in frictional elements. This anti-slip pallet feature minimizes load shifting, does not damage cases or product, and prevents pallet slippage off fork equipment. The flow-through hygienic design of the Odyssey affords easy cleanability, and the full stringer bottom and dimensional consistency provides seamless conveyance through automated systems. Despite the robust construction of the Odyssey, it is still ergonomic and lightweight, with comfortable handholds for easy manual handling. The all-plastic construction makes it easily cleanable and also recyclable at the end of service life. The Odyssey is fit for a wide variety of applications and markets, including general food processing, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and dry goods. Customizable to fit the needs of each specific application, the Odyssey is available in four standard versions with several add-ons including RFID tagging, frictional elements, lip, logos and more.

Innovation Statement

While designed for rugged applications, the Odyssey is easily moved manually, while improving product and associate safety with molded-in frictional elements that prevent load shifting. Unlike competitive grommets, these elements are molded in to provide an innovative anti-slip pallet feature that keeps loads securely in place and reduces risk of load damage during transportation. What’s more, these frictional elements are 100% recyclable, making this pallet even more sustainable.


The Odyssey offers advantages in the supply chain that help companies reduce their ecological footprint, protect product from damage, improve warehouse cleanability, support heavy loads and optimize for automated equipment.


Posted Date2/10/21
ContactSamantha Goetz
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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Submitted by ORBIS Corporation.

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