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1) The robots have eyes! Why robot fulfillment applications depend on the latest sensor technology .
Starts 9:30 AM CDT Ends 10:00 AM CDT Date Tuesday, April 13
Sponsor DC Velocity

Sensor technology is integral in robotic applications. See the role sensors play in functionality and safety. From item picking to safeguarding collaborative processes, sensors are the eyes and ears.

2) Extending the Life of Existing Capital Through the Use of AMRs
Starts 9:30 AM CDT Ends 10:00 AM CDT Date Wednesday, April 14
Sponsor DC Velocity

This presentation will emphasize key points that should be highly considered when developing a strategy around the implementation of AMRs in existing fulfillment centers. This presentation will also highlight current pain-points, various AMR technologies to consider, the benefits associated with them, ...

3) Paths to Success – Comparing Autonomous Navigation Technologies
Starts 9:30 AM CDT Ends 10:00 AM CDT Date Friday, April 16
Sponsor DC Velocity

Are you curious about how AGVs, automated forklifts and mobile robots navigate automatically around their environments? Maybe your company is considering investing in AGVs or planning to develop such a vehicle in-house? Whether looking to buy or create, the navigation system your automated vehicle ...