SponsorVecna Robotics
DateThursday, April 15, 2021
Time1:00 PM - 1:30 PM CDT

What You Will Learn

A solid solution design lays the foundation for the future success of your autonomous mobile robot deployment.
When done right, a highly-efficient workflow design takes into account an ecosystem of human workers, a range of robots for a variety of payloads or purposes, other technologies, and the facilities’ future plans.
This presentation will address five key elements for designing a solution for your specific workflow, materials, team, and facility
size and type, including how to:
1. Choose the right mix of robots for optimal productivity
2. Identify the right application for those robots
3. Interface with a WMS/WES system for best results
4. Design a solution for a human-centric workflow
5. Benchmark for success metrics. Join this session to hear case studies on successful large-scale deployments of autonomous pallet jacks and tuggers

Key Takeaways

- How to avoid common pitfalls in designing a solution for high-capacity autonomous mobile robots in an industrial facility
- Best practices related to workflow design, systems integration and user adoption


Fred Heger, PhD Vecna Robotics
Andrea Meister Vecna Robotics

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Seminar sponsored by Vecna Robotics.

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