SponsorThe Raymond Corporation
DateTuesday, April 13, 2021
Time1:00 PM - 1:30 PM CDT

What You Will Learn

Economic slowdowns or unexpected increases in demand can put a tremendous strain on your business’s people, processes and supply chains. However, operations can mitigate some of these factors and optimize operations by investing in the right tools and intralogistics solutions that work together to help collect data, visualize improvements and instill a culture of continuous improvement. This seminar will delve into how operators can partner with trusted intralogistics solutions advisors to prepare for changes and disruptions no matter what they are. Topics discussed will include:
a. Risk management and forecasting with analytics
i. By analyzing the available telematics data and optimizing the warehouse, managers can make informed decisions about where improvements are needed in preparation for an economic cool-down.
b. Labor management
i. As labor markets tighten and operations become leaner, understanding your cost and productivity of labor is crucial.
ii. Financial analysis and Labor management: Drive savings and strategically optimize operations with unified data that leverages Labor Management Data to provide new insights and analytics into cost to serve, labor forecasting, KPIs and other metrics.
iii. Operations can support their workforce by investing in solutions that adhere to social distancing measures, such as RTLS
c. Visualizing improvements with lean management
i. Through a proven process of gathering data via visualization, organization and standardization, lean management can help operations gain visibility into the current state of an operation and point out areas of improvement
d. Right sizing a fleet
i. Knowing exactly how many lift trucks – or what kinds – to get for different areas of your operation is easier said than done. Fortunately, this type of decision-making no longer needs to be guesswork. Knowledge is the key to the puzzle, and with today’s technological advancements, it’s becoming much easier to gain real-time information about your fleet and operators’ performances.
e.Operator Instruction
i. If you’re bringing on new people, reassigning responsibilities, or adjusting your processes to keep up with demand, training is vital to optimize the security and efficiency of your operation.

Key Takeaways

This seminar will highlight how partnering with an intralogistics solutions advisor can help:
• Operations can collect and analyze data to better respond to operational challenges
• Leverage analytics to forecast disruptions and manage risk
• Visualizing changes through lean management to continuously improve and optimize facilities
• Operations can use data to right size a fleet
• Data can help operations manage labor and adhere to social distancing guidelines
• Data can provide more efficient operator instruction and increased operator retention


Derrick Miller The Raymond Corporation

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