SponsorOpen Sky Group
DateTuesday, April 13, 2021
Time1:00 PM - 1:30 PM CDT

What You Will Learn

If you're looking to replace your current warehouse management system (WMS) or if you don't have one, this session is for you. The search and selection for a WMS can be daunting - there are a lot of providers and it can be hard to dig through what seems to be offered and what you actually get once you buy. As one of the larger purchases you might make in your career, it's a good move to pick the right one for your business the first time out. This session will give you tools and tips for cutting through the jargon and asking the right questions to get the information you need to make a good decision.

Key Takeaways

- how to develop the right questions for potential vendors
- how to prepare for and navigate the selection process
- how to get the WMS you've paid for


Jeremy Hudson Open Sky Group
Shannon Caflisch Open Sky Group

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