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1) Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc.

Manufactured by Engineered Lifting Systems & Equipment Inc. (ELS), the Destuff-IT and Restuff-IT product line are portable ergonomic systems used by workers tasked with manually handling floor-loaded product in containers and trailers. Focused on making material handling in-the-can safer and faster ...

2) Automha Americas Automation Corp.

Automatic storage retrieval systems.

3) RedLore

Customized Industrial IoT Solutions

4) Wieland Electric Inc.

Manufacture electric control boards for conveyors.

5) Delta-Q Technologies Corp.

Industrial battery chargers for material handling equipment.

6) Blue Giant Equipment Corporation

Blue Giant Equipment Corporation: Since 1963 The loading dock and material handling industry has evolved significantly during the last fifty years and Blue Giant has been a part of that movement since 1963. By effectively identifying market trends and recognizing product development opportunities, Blue ...

7) OTTO Motors

OTTO® Motors is making material handling in industrial settings safer, easier, and more efficient through development of hardware and software that automates movement of goods in busy factories and warehouses. OTTO's industry-leading self driving technology provides automated and on-demand material ...

8) Cimcorp Automation Ltd.

Automated solutions for order picking and order fulfillment Cimcorp provides fully integrated robotic material handling solutions that will automate product handling within the four walls of a distribution center. Our end to end solutions provide order picking, or order fulfillment, developed for full ...

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